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About Us



Hello – my name is Amanda and I am passionate about helping, empowering and encouraging people to achieve their full potential. Hector Merrywheather was created as we felt there was no true bespoke training in and around the Salisbury area. At my previous job we were asked many times for just an hour’s advice to make that difference, we were unable to deliver this under the constraints of that particular business so I started my own!

Bespoke is all about YOU – why try and compromise on your training needs?  Allow us to discuss what you need and tailor the training to them – allow you to gain the maximum benefit.

We are able to offer true bespoke one to one training to all. Work is done on your computer; we look at your problem and offer you a solution, step by step and your pace so that you achieve the maximum results. Training sessions are generally an hour – so you can carry on doing what you are best at for the rest of the day!

I have had the privilege to work with some amazing individuals and groups over the years. From building up a Cadet unit from 5 to 35 eager, smart & confident young Adults that had something to offer their communities, to Scouts, and helping the unemployed gain new training skills to help find work. I really do feel that everyone has a skill they can bring to the party – I enjoy being able to bring the best of people and helping them achieve more and being able to believe in themselves. I have worked with large corporates and small businesses and been able to add to their business through new procedures, training and instruction.




How many times have you sat on a training course where a small part of it is useful and the exercises that you do aren’t relevant to anything you do in every day life? The one size fits all training is often costly and time consuming and can often leave you feeling still none the wiser as to how to do the task at hand!

I’ve worked in the IT software and training industry for over a decade and have worked with large corporate groups, small business, apprentices as well as individuals just starting out using computers. I feel passionate about providing quality training that is relevant to what you need to know and helping you get the most out of the technology you’re using. Training should be informative but mainly fun! I certainly enjoy each training session as everyone brings their own unique set of skills and challenges as to the working document, spreadsheet or presentation they want to achieve. Our training is truly bespoke – you will learn what you need to know, at the time and pace that suits you.