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Whats in a Name?

Choosing a company name is important and can really take time. It’s so important to try and make an impact immediately, tell the audience what you do, should the name be long, be short, be abstract? People tell me that the name reflects a sedate, mature and established company – maybe Solicitors or Accountants! Well […]

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Fill in the Blanks – Templates

You know there is a quicker way of doing regular work, you are pretty sure it could be automated but not sure how. It could be spreadsheet or word document.  Speak to the team at Hector Merrywheather…. We will come and talk to you, ask what you are looking to do and how often.  We […]

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Get ready to present yourself to the world!

Don’t shy away from presentations through lack of confidence… Let the team at Hector Merrywheather help you get your confidence to a level where you are happy to present yourself in the best possible way with our Confidence Workshop in Salisbury… Play the video below for more information…  

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