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Confidence Workshop

Confidence Workshops

  • Would you like to change how you feel about public speaking?


  • Are you scared of being the centre of attention?


  • Want to make an impact in a presentation or boardroom meeting?


  • Are you ready to make a difference for you?


  • Are you ready to gain some useful tips?


Hi, my name is Amanda and there was a time that just the thought of public speaking, or just introducing myself filled me with dread and made me feel sick – but I felt I was unable to really shine in the workplace and wanted to overcome my fears.

With some useful exercises, a few trips and falls I found some great simple methods that really worked. Let me help you overcome any confidence issues about presenting, talking or just introducing yourself at a meeting.


Let Hector Merrywheather make that difference so that you can reach your full potential. With some simple techniques we can really start to make a difference. Why not secure a place on our FREE 60 minute workshop* – I want to give you a head start on the journey to becoming more confident – not just in the workplace but for life in general.

*Please note these courses are running every few months – ask for details


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