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Whats in a Name?

Choosing a company name is important and can really take time. It’s so important to try and make an impact immediately, tell the audience what you do, should the name be long, be short, be abstract?

People tell me that the name reflects a sedate, mature and established company – maybe Solicitors or Accountants! Well that is the desired result I was aiming for.

So when I had the problem four years ago people said “call it Amanda Foster Training” but is that just an ego boosting exercise, does it then restrict me in what I do ie only training. What happens when we getter bigger and its not just me? At the time I was starting to set up there was going to be two parts of the business – so the name would have to not only reflect me, but my business partner and the role they would play.

So whilst walking to work and looking to the Cathedral for inspiration – I wondered about our dogs. Anyone who has dogs knows how important they are to a family. They are part of our lives and impact our daily routine. So I thought about the two dogs in my life. These were Hector, a Staffie – the steady, honest, friendly and reliable chap. Archie a Jack Russell, “I don’t know where the off switch is” Terrier – full of energy, life, bouncing around everywhere, always happy and wants to see everything. My business partner’s dog a King Charles – was regal, friendly, sweet tempered and very people orientated. That is how the company is called Hector Merrywheather – we are steady, honest, friendly and reliable and people orientated and you don’t even have to give us a doggie treat!

As time moved on, alas Merrywheather is no longer alive and that part of the business we didn’t persue. But I am pleased to say her name lives on and its certainly a different way of choosing a name!

So if you are looking for a company that looks at things differently –whether it be regarding Software training, Templates, Personal Coaching or help with your business by “giving you the advantage” which is our strapline – as you are most definitely barking up the correct tree!